Handling Ross/Brand in an open way

posted by Steve Bowbrick

How should the BBC have handled this incident? As your semi-official BBC openness monitor I think it appropriate that I chip in with some practical tips for dealing with maverick multi-million pound talent. 1. Let people listen to the show: Some people think the Daily Mail waited nearly a week to go large on the [...]


Now to rescue the print media

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Emily Bell in yesterday’s Media Guardian wonders why the print media should expect to escape the present unpleasantness unscathed, what with banks falling around our ears and all that. She thinks it’s quite likely we’ll lose a handful of national papers: The Mirror and The Express both being vulnerable. A conversation in a corridor here [...]


Should the BBC recapitalise British Culture?

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Is Mark Thompson a good proxy for Gordon Brown? Should the BBC move to rescue struggling media companies as the government is saving struggling banks? Should the BBC recapitalise British culture by taking stakes in bust public service providers? Call this a flight of fancy but consider the circumstances. 1 We’re at the beginning of [...]


Could the BBC do this?

posted by Steve Bowbrick

NPR’s response to the credit crunch is a terrific new daily podcast from the station’s crack financial team. I don’t mean ‘could the BBC do something of this quality?’. I don’t doubt that. I’m just wondering if the regulatory and editorial regime would permit something so spontaneous and indigenous to the web to emerge in [...]