Visiting Roly Keating, and the wonders of Twitter

posted by Steve Bowbrick

I’ll admit things have been a bit quite around here for a week or so but lots has been going on in the background and I’ve got some interesting blog posts queued up: one delayed while I wait for approval from its subject, which I suppose is the kind of thing you get at a place like the BBC!

In an hour or so I’m heading over to Television Centre to talk to Roly Keating who is the new Director of Archive Content. He and right-hand man Tony Ageh (Controller, Archive Development) are in the meeting-people-and-finding-out-what-they’ve-got phase of what I am pretty sure will be a fascinating period of change in the archives. Yesterday evening I asked my Twitter followers <waves> for some questions to ask Roly. They didn’t let me down:

Sophie Walpole suggested (via the handy medium of speech) that I might ask Roly “is there any demand for archive content?”. Adrian Woolard suggested (via Yammer): “Does he have any money?” and Ant Miller “Has he any idea how big a potential user community exists in academia- and what a great test bed they would be for new services.”

This, incidentally, is why I love Twitter. The other day I went to James Cridland’s fascinating Radio at The Edge conference and, along with about a dozen others in the audience, Twittered away like mad. The resulting stream of updates (gathered together by the simple expedient of a #tag) constitutes the best coverage of the event (if you ask me) and, of course, many people followed the event through the day just by watching the #tag #rate.

Anyway, there’s also some quite entertaining argy-bargy going on around my latest blog post at the BBC Internet blog, to which I’ll be responding when I get back from my meeting with Roly.


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  1. Posted by Paul Murphy on Friday 14th November

    Can you ask him how BBC Archive relates to BBC content that’ll be in Kangaroo? Is it simply BBC PSB v BBC Worldwide or is it deeper than that? Also is there any chance of getting the Mastergame on BBC Archive?

  2. Posted by Steve Bowbrick on Friday 14th November

    I’ll ask him next week, since this morning’s meeting was bumped for a Vision Board Meeting. I did get to wander the corridors of TV Centre with the Children in Need crowds, though…

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