Sacred and profane at Broadcasting House

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Fascinating gathering last week in the sombre 1932 Council Chamber at Broadcasting House. Hugh Garry – who ‘makes interesting digital things happen’ at Radio 1 – organised a session as part of his mission to popularise Twitter at Radio 1 and elsewhere. He and others in the audience (including me) provided case studies and encouragement [...]


Visiting Roly Keating, and the wonders of Twitter

posted by Steve Bowbrick

I’ll admit things have been a bit quite around here for a week or so but lots has been going on in the background and I’ve got some interesting blog posts queued up: one delayed while I wait for approval from its subject, which I suppose is the kind of thing you get at a [...]


Huggers yammers

posted by Steve Bowbrick

They’re trying out Yammer at the BBC. Yammer’s a kind of Twitter-clone for use within organisations. It runs secure (SSL) and provides a simple email-based authentication scheme to keep the outsiders out (if you can’t receive an email to your BBC address you can’t join). It’s growing like topsy here, not least because the Corporation’s [...]