Six Common Platform projects for the next few months

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Three months into my journey round the BBC I’ve come up with a list of six projects I’d like to tackle in addition to recording stuff here on the blog and generally challenging the BBC to open up. I think it’s safe to say that not all of these projects will materialise. In fact Nick [...]


Electric Proms – some questions

posted by Steve Bowbrick

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I’ve been watching the Electric Proms on the TV (click play above to see one of them). The whole thing turns out to be a very fine thing: another example of what you get when you crunch together the BBC’s guaranteed audience with unparalleled cultural clout and production values to die for: would any artist [...]


Diane Hamer: BBC intellectual property lawyer

posted by Steve Bowbrick

And we’re off. For my second meeting Nick took me to meet Diane Hamer, a top BBC copyright lawyer (her business card says ‘Trade Mark Lawyer’ but she’s more general than that). We chatted about the challenges for intellectual property in the digital era and for the BBC in particular (and Nick bought me a [...]