Andy Parfitt, Controller, Radio 1

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Andy Parfitt, enduring and super-successful Controller of Radio 1, sits at a small desk in amongst his team. No egomaniac then. But is he interested in openness? Well, on the face of it, yes. I asked him for some examples from Radio 1’s recent past and the two he came up with were BeckyCam and [...]


Mark Friend, Controller A&Mi

posted by Steve Bowbrick

In a really interesting hour with Mark last week we covered a lot of ground but two really important issues, both of which I think are pretty newsworthy: access to attention data and the BBC’s speech radio archive. Attention data The BBC is a lot like Tesco: continually accumulating useful data about you and your habits. [...]


Electric Proms – some questions

posted by Steve Bowbrick

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I’ve been watching the Electric Proms on the TV (click play above to see one of them). The whole thing turns out to be a very fine thing: another example of what you get when you crunch together the BBC’s guaranteed audience with unparalleled cultural clout and production values to die for: would any artist [...]


My first week as blogger in residence…

posted by Steve Bowbrick

I think this is my fourth full day at the BBC. I’ve got a Staff Pass (temporary) and I’m just getting used to the idea that I’m allowed in the building at all. Here are my notes from a few interesting presentations and meetings I attended last week: Linked Open Music. First, Matthew Shorter and [...]