Making meetings more open

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Some people put a line of checkboxes like this in their email sig files:

Private [ ]   Ask [ ]   Bloggable [ ]

Do you think that a properly open organisation might do something similar in meetings? A red flag on the conference table would mean “private (no blogging, no nothing, don’t even think about it)”, an amber flag “ask (Some material might be public, some not, or some participants might not be comfortable sharing)” and a green flag “public (nothing to hide here)”. As with the email convention this is the kind of thing that might make people think and challenge the default secrecy of organisational decision making. I can also imagine some fairlly entertaining flag fights when the sensitivity of a meeting is disputed. Maybe they should have spikes on the end.


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  1. Posted by Paul Murphy on Monday 23rd February

    What you need is a sponsor who could supply the flags in return for some small discrete branding. I have several clients who would love to appear in such a space. I’ll call you.

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