Openness at the BBC huge turn-off, survey shows

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Is openness at the BBC just boring? I’ve been asking people (random people) for the last couple of weeks:

  • Should the BBC be more open?
  • Should the BBC share its assets with other companies and with the general public?
  • Should the BBC link to stuff created by outsiders?
  • Should the BBC provide tools and support for people creating their own stuff?

I usually have to explain all four of those questions in some detail. Almost universally, the response has been something like: “Er… don’t know… Why are you asking?”. I’m thinking of doing something slightly more formal, probably amounting to hanging around in Shepherd’s Bush with a microphone, to see if I can beef up my data here. Maybe openness and the whole Common Platform agenda is such a huge yawn for everybody other than a handful of geeks and PS nerds that we really shouldn’t bother…

Pic by Jakob Tischler.

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  1. Posted by Juha on Friday 20th November

    Such a deep anwesr! GD&RVVF

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