Mark Friend, Controller A&Mi

posted by Steve Bowbrick

In a really interesting hour with Mark last week we covered a lot of ground but two really important issues, both of which I think are pretty newsworthy: access to attention data and the BBC’s speech radio archive. Attention data The BBC is a lot like Tesco: continually accumulating useful data about you and your habits. [...]


Writing up a fascinating chat …

posted by Steve Bowbrick

  …with Mark Friend about attention data, syndication and opening the BBC’s huge archive of speech radio.


Should the BBC recapitalise British Culture?

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Is Mark Thompson a good proxy for Gordon Brown? Should the BBC move to rescue struggling media companies as the government is saving struggling banks? Should the BBC recapitalise British culture by taking stakes in bust public service providers? Call this a flight of fancy but consider the circumstances. 1 We’re at the beginning of [...]


Socialising news

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Kevin Rose was in town for last week’s FOWA event. He was at the BBC the other day too, although he singularly failed to excite an otherwise eager audience of editors and technologists from around the Corporation. Anyway, his presentation at FOWA was a bit more interesting. His principle message was that Digg’s mission is [...]