Count them—three IPTV Platforms!

posted by Steve Bowbrick

The BBC’s always been in the platform business. It was BBC engineers who designed and built the broadcast platforms of your analogue youth. They built them without the slightest expectation of remuneration from competing broadcasters and usually did so in the spirit of international collaboration that spread these standards around the planet at a remarkable [...]


Saving Public Service Media

posted by Steve Bowbrick

(I wrote this piece for iPlayer day over at the BBC Internet Blog but it was judged to be a bit ‘edgy’ for use there) He’s an unlikely saviour for the creaking edifice we call public service broadcasting isn’t he? I mean Anthony Rose, of course: wiry South African firebrand and one-time buccaneering pirate-in-chief at [...]


The BBC could save local media

posted by Steve Bowbrick

The BBC Trust has terminated the Corporation’s plans for a big new local news service. Here’s the nub of it: In the case of the Local Video proposition therefore, we have judged that the proposal would not create enough value to the public to justify the investment of their licence fee monies and that this [...]


Twittering the Shadow Culture Minister

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Here’s a quick note to log the speech on public service broadcasting made by shadow culture minister Jeremy Hunt that I attended yesterday morning at the LSE. I twittered throughout. I like twittering live events but mostly like to provide a comic commentary (“get a load of that syrup” kind of thing) because Twiitter obviously [...]


Now to rescue the print media

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Emily Bell in yesterday’s Media Guardian wonders why the print media should expect to escape the present unpleasantness unscathed, what with banks falling around our ears and all that. She thinks it’s quite likely we’ll lose a handful of national papers: The Mirror and The Express both being vulnerable. A conversation in a corridor here [...]


Should the BBC recapitalise British Culture?

posted by Steve Bowbrick

Is Mark Thompson a good proxy for Gordon Brown? Should the BBC move to rescue struggling media companies as the government is saving struggling banks? Should the BBC recapitalise British culture by taking stakes in bust public service providers? Call this a flight of fancy but consider the circumstances. 1 We’re at the beginning of [...]